Sparkling water surface.
Sunbeams rustling in the wind.
Enjoy a relaxing time in the warm sunshine.
We were completely attracted by enjoying
the passage of time.
Deep in my heart, I am waiting
for this moment to last forever.

Hand Bag
No.16161 ¥13,200
Size : W26×H22×D13cm

Hand Bag
No.16163 ¥10,450
Size : W20×H20×D9 cm

Tote Bag Msize
No.16113 ¥13,200
Size : W30×H24×D14 cm

Tote Bag A4size
No.16114 ¥15,400
Size : W38×H29×D13 cm

No.16125 ¥13,200
Size : W26×H34×D11 cm

No.16126 ¥15,400
Size : W28×H37×D12 cm

Tote Bag A4size tate
No.16168 ¥15,400
Size : W37×H33×D12 cm

Tote Bag A4size yoko
No.16167 ¥15,400
Size : W38×H29×D14 cm

Hand Bag
No.16161 ¥13,200
Size : W26×H22×D13 cm

Shoulder Bag
No.16164 ¥10,450
Size : W25×H18×D12 cm

Shoulder Bag
No.16129 ¥7,700
Size : W23×H15×D6 cm